Does God Exist? Does it matter?

It has definitely been an age long pursuit to unravel the mystery surrounding the existence of God. Numerous theories have been put forward and several arguments have been made both in favour and against. Yet it remains one of the most controversial and biggest mysteries of all time with opinions varying vastly amidst the minds of the people.
Aristotle gave an argument which said that complete explanation of an object must involve an efficient cause, material cause, formal cause and it’s final cause. It basically implied upon the fact that if something has a goal or end towards which it aims or strives to reach is guided by something more supreme and intelligent. Or in simple words what many believers state that

“Everything is written”.

Furthermore according to the “Five ways” or five arguments put forward by the 13th Century Catholic Philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas, existence of God was summed up in five arguments.
Some of the arguments such as the argument of metaphysical motion or first cause argued that everything around us is changing and every change has a reason and they form a long chain or cycle of changes. But there must be something which initiated the change and is causing the change and thereby is understood to be as the God, the unmoved mover or the principle cause.
The arguments put forward remain to be driven towards the factors which are unknown currently to the fields of science. And the biggest factor remains the factor of the first cause or the initiation of everything starting from Big Bang. We have discovered the effects and in some cases even the cause of Big Bang but the very question of what was before Big Bang and what was the reason behind the presence of a highly dense material is yet one of the biggest mysteries. And as per iconic Cosmologist Stephen Hawking, asking questions about what was before Big Bang is irrelevant.
The idea of a supreme being in itself gives a certain level of satisfaction and strength to a large number of people. The practice of worshipping and visiting Temples, Churches, Mosques etc. is no surprise and continues to remain as a daily or weekly ritual for the majority of the people.
The fact that the very idea of God provides a mental strength to many is perhaps the brighter side of the scenario irrespective of the existence of the subject or not. If any idea or thought or entity is able to inculcate positive habits, thoughts or kindness is undoubtedly a necessity in this modern crooked world.
Yuval Noah Harari, a historian and the author of the bestselling book “Sapiens” stated in is book that the very reason for the existence of Homo Sapiens out of six other human species was their cognitive ability. Homo Sapiens were able to create things which didn’t have to exist in the actual world and thereby were able to influence a large number of fellow Homo Sapiens to work or cooperate towards a common cause. And this piece of information strikes such a violent chord against the idea of God amidst the people following various religions and posing a major question against the varying opinions and perspectives of the existence of God, thereby the formation of different religions. The fact that people are dying due to the differences in religion is extremely scary for two reasons : first, nobody is certain about the existence of God. Second, nobody is bothered to question but rather follow what has been told.
Clashes of opinions arising due to the differences in the perspectives of an entity whose existence is one big question mark has ignited fires across many parts of the world and throughout history.
People killed and died in the name of God, but nobody is certain whether God has a name or not.

If we leave behind the arguments of principle cause or metaphysical motion and think in terms of the field of science which can be explained in a little more depth than the ones posed before Big Bang. We come to another theory which says that maybe, God is none other than a supreme species from a different Galaxy. Now this arguement strikes another violent chord against the beliefs that God is omnipresent and is the supreme being who watches over all.
If Gods were supposed be astronauts from different Galaxies, then it would make them mere highly advanced space travellers who were or perhaps still are far superior than the likes of human beings. Numerous mythological stories are present in Hindu mythology where there has been mentioning of the variation of time with respect to the speed of the object, existence of Black hole, premature birth techniques and several other scientific phenomenons which science has been able to discover only in the recent days. Even there has been certain surprising elements found in the Pyramids of Egypt where engravings of modern day flying saucers have been found. Furthermore certain tales of legends from Egypt even mention the presence of beings which are relatable to our modern day artificial intelligence.
There are plenty of certain arguments and findings which point towards God being an extra terrestrial highly advanced supreme breed of species. Erik Von Däniken beautifully described and wrote in his well researched books regarding the visit of outer species on our planet and their influences on our early human culture. One of his most popular works remain “Chariots of the Gods”.

To put an end to this article of this never ending arguement, one thing remains certain. There are plenty of things which are beyond the scope of our current understanding. Things which only can get unravelled with time.
Although faith in the existence of uncertain entities is good as long as it is breeding positivity. The idea of invasion of territories and violence in the name of something whose existence isn’t concrete is wrong by all means and may the coming generation accept the proven facts and truths in order to tackle the negativities arising due to the varying beliefs.

Uncertainty is a way of life, it offers a reason to look out for. The only thing that should remain constant is perhaps the pursuit of knowledge in discovering the truth.

*Image used is downloaded from and is clicked by
Artem Beliakin*

5 thoughts on “Does God Exist? Does it matter?

    1. It was indeed a pleasure reading your experience. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for enlightening me with the information about Erik Von Däniken being a fraud. Furthermore the main objective was to write about certain things which are yet to be understood by the human beings. As I cited many mythological stories in Hinduism talk about certain scientific aspects which we have discovered in the recent times. And as a physics student myself I can comment on its validity myself in some cases and reject in many of them. Thanks for reading!

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  1. interesting article, from beginning to end… the lesson I picked is that regardless of what we think about GOD or people’s opinion, we don’t have to kill each other in the name of sny being…how csm we claim to know GOD when we don’t regard or love his creatures, especially human beings

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