Nine ways of leading a miserable life

In the recent times, the cases of feeling helpless and miserable is more prevalent than ever. With the rise in the number of cases of depression, it’s not a rare scene to find someone posting stuff like “Life’s a hell” on the social media. But if taken a deeper look upon the things which actually make us feel miserable, the reasons are actually quite simple and straightforward at the root level.
Here I have mentioned nine ways of leading a miserable life, which can help you live one, if one wishes to follow, or the other way round.

1. Sticking your head up in the clouds trying to peek at tomorrow

This is the first and most effective step of leading a miserable life. In simple words, stop living in the present and start living in the future. You will be a complete mess, every new step you take at the present moment will distract you away by the consequences of the future and act as the breeding ground of anxiety and procrastination.

2. Tying your leg with the weights of the past

Another important step which is equally effective as the first one, which rather sometimes is the outcome of the first one.
Once you start losing focus and pay less attention to the present, your productivity automatically degrades. Your mind starts getting preoccupied with worthless situations which never happened and leads to certain levels of failures in the tasks which needed to be completed at the present moment. This further acts as a generator of “Regret” which is another powerful catalyst of a miserable life.
Keep thinking about the past, and you will forever lead a miserable life.

3. Resigning from learning

Leading a miserable life completely opposes the learning process. Stop learning from your mistakes and repeat them again in the hope of a different outcome. You are sure to fail and add a medal to your “Hall of miserable fame”.

4. Complaining is the key

You just have to complain and not do anything about it. It is absolutely necessary to just whine and complain and always look on the darker side and stop believing in the silver linings. Optimistic approach is a hoax and all you need to do is just complain and better if you post it on social media.

5. Time isn’t precious, waste it.

Productivity is the enemy of a miserable life. Being productive is the worst thing that can happen to you. You can not let yourself indulge in things which have a productive outcome. You can take advantage of the above points to complain and then do stuff which don’t have a productive outcome, just to ease your mind which is suffering from a self made depression born out of your choices.

6. Treat yourself as the one who broke your heart

Just don’t love yourself. Loving yourself can have devastating effects upon your goal of leading a miserable life. You need to be miserable. Criticise and blame everything around you, upon yourself and everything. Make sure to complain about every decision you made and every step you take. It’ll have life changing effects on you if done properly.

7. Death circle of miserable friends

Friends can be your saviour and make you more miserable or be the devil and try to bring positivity. Make sure to complain about life with your friends. Make sure to stay away from friends who reflect positivity and actually care for you.

8. Your aspirations must survive as parasites

This is so effective. You get the opportunity to make a breeding ground of jealousy by attaching and comparing your dreams with that of your friends, neighbours, family, dogs etc. You can practice it with anything, just compare yourself and feel terrible and most importantly jealous.

9. Victim of Life

Final step of leading a miserable life is to consider yourself as the victim and not the controller of your own life. Your life must not feel like a blessing and you must not ever respect and feel lucky for living the life you’re living.

These above steps can have a huge impact upon your lives and help you in leading a miserable life.

If you’re someone who’s looking for some negativity and want to ruin the gift called “life”. This is for you.

If you’re someone who’s going through all of this and want to come out.

This is especially for you.


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